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Sebastien is currently in production of his fourth short film HORIZON EVENT, set to come out at the end of 2023. Begin is also currently writing is first feature film ELECTRIC SUN, inspired by the world pandemic. 

Sebastien Begin was born in Levis, Quebec. He studied acting and filmmaking at Dawson College in Montreal and completes his studies at the Vancouver Film School. He came back to Levis and founded the solidarity film corporation called Cinenumera, where as general manager he worked to educate and promote  independent digital film productions. 

In 2007, he made his debut short film, HEIR TO THE WAVES. Sebastien returned with another short, LOST LOVE in 2014. His third short film FROZEN LOVE (AMOUR GELÉ), who complete post-production in 2019, postponed the release of the movie to 2022, due to the word pandemic. The film will be submitted to specific film festival where the movie as a possibility to find is audience. 

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